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Behavioral Self-Control

By Sue Hurst
Behavioral Self Control Sue Hurst Deliberate Presence

The photo for this blog post reminds us that “Manners cost nothing.” And they don’t. Manners are just behaviors we choose. Sometimes the manners we choose are good; sometimes they’re not. Sometimes we choose to have bad manners. In either case, they flow from the EQ skill of behavioral self-control. While recent research has shown…

The SEI Leadership Profile

By Sue Hurst
The SEI Leadership Profile Sue Hurst Deliberate Presence

While the SEIP assessment discussed in the previous blog was based on a 4-quadrant EQ model, this Leadership Profile is based on a continuous and circular model that measures three categories of behavior: knowing yourself (blue section), choosing yourself (red section) and giving yourself (green section). Within the blue section of Know Yourself the goal…

Why use the SEIP®?

By Sue Hurst
The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® - Emotional Intelligence Sue Hurst

The article below was retrieved from the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence: The Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile (SEIP)® is: based on the leading model of emotional intelligence and social and emotional intelligence in use today, a model used by over 75% of Fortune 500 companies highly accurate, valid and reliable – in…

Brain Talent Profile

By Sue Hurst
Brain Talent Profile

In this second part of the Brain Profile Assessment series, the focus is on understanding the benefits of the Brain Talent Assessment. One thing I didn’t mention in the previous blog, is the ease with which the assessment can be taken. By following an online link, you can take the assessment at a time and…

Brain Brief Profile

By Sue Hurst
Brain Brief Profile - Deliberate Presence - Sue Hurst

This is a 2-part series on Brain Profile Assessments. This first post will focus on the Brain Brief with a future post discussing the Brain Talent Assessment. Six Seconds, the non-profit organization that has created these self-report assessments has said the Brain Brief Profile is a snapshot of a person’s “current style for processing emotional…

Personal Power

By Sue Hurst
personal power

I love this photo of a child’s hands holding the whole world. It reminds me of one of the first times my son as a baby realized the enormity of his world. That week he had just begun to take a few steps at a time so we took him outside to the tiny yard…

Accurate Self-Assessment

By Sue Hurst
Self Assessment Sue Hurst - Deliberate Presence - Emotional Intelligence Coach

Do you frequently over-schedule yourself and you go, go, go until you make a mess of something important, get sick, or have a meltdown with an accompanying temper tantrum or weeping session? Maybe you just over-estimate your ability to get everything done. (That’s pretty much the same thing, isn’t it?) If you are not able…


By Sue Hurst
Self-Awareness, Self-Assessment

Is your child at risk because of a lack of self-awareness? Do you allow him to complete the grieving process when he’s sad or do you hurry him on to happier feelings? Are you uncomfortable with displays of anger and so you clamp down when your daughter expresses it? Children who aren’t allowed and taught…

EQ Research in Work Settings

By Sue Hurst
EQ Research & Work

In this post, I’ve gathered the results of four different studies in various industries. Although the information is focused on training adults in EQ skills, you can imagine how their families also benefited as they modeled these skills to their children. Salespeople at L’Oreal, chosen for their skills in emotional intelligence, had significantly higher sales…

EQ Research on Wellbeing

By Sue Hurst
EQ Research and Wellbeing

If you read the previous blog on the correlation between health and skills in emotional intelligence, then you’ll probably not be surprised by the information below. It’s based on research on positive emotions by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. Positive emotions are the results of being skilled in and operating in emotionally intelligent behaviors. The positive emotions…

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