EQ Research in Work Settings

By Sue Hurst
EQ Research & Work

In this post, I’ve gathered the results of four different studies in various industries. Although the information is focused on training adults in EQ skills, you can imagine how their families also benefited as they modeled these skills to their children. Salespeople at L’Oreal, chosen for their skills in emotional intelligence, had significantly higher sales…

EQ Research on Wellbeing

By Sue Hurst
EQ Research and Wellbeing

If you read the previous blog on the correlation between health and skills in emotional intelligence, then you’ll probably not be surprised by the information below. It’s based on research on positive emotions by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. Positive emotions are the results of being skilled in and operating in emotionally intelligent behaviors. The positive emotions…

EQ Research on Health

By Sue Hurst
Research EQ and Health

For me, the research on the impact emotional intelligence (EQ) has on various aspects of life is fascinating. The next three posts will cover results from several different researchers on the effect of EQ skills and behavior on health, wellbeing, and in work settings. This first post is on the connection of EQ and health…

Where are you going?

By Sue Hurst

So, okay…it’s the beginning of the second week of the new year. Do you know where you’re going? Did you carefully review 2017 to celebrate certain areas while noting those you want to improve? Have you mapped out everything with your daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals on your annual calendar? Some people are able…


By Sue Hurst
Brown Leaves, God's Light & Emotional Intelligence Skills

One morning as I was standing at my kitchen sink, I looked out the window and could see a golden light pouring out from the middle of an ornamental shrub way across the backyard near the fence. Since I knew we hadn’t recently installed any spotlights, I went out to investigate. In the photo above,…

Emotion Cards

By Sue Hurst
Emotion Cards: How To Use Them to Develop Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes I feel as if I look like Mary Poppins. It’s because of the large bag I carry to my workshops when I’m training people to increase the EQ of the children in their life. My tote bag is filled with resources, toys, and games I’ve found to be helpful in building EQ in children.…

Green Bananas

By Sue Hurst
Green Bananas & Taking Initiative

When you look at the photo, what do you see? This is not a trick question. These are just green bananas…really, really green bananas. They were actually even greener than the photo reflects. At the time I took the picture, we’d had them for about 3.5 weeks. We thought they would ripen. They didn’t. 3.5…

Time Out

By Sue Hurst
Time Out: Self Awareness & Choosing to Be Happy

I once heard a woman talk about her little girl. Whenever the child was whiny, the mother would send her to Time Out to stay there until she was happy. Sometimes, the mother would ask the girl if she was ready to be happy, but she’d reply, “Not yet.” The mother said it was easy…

Breathing Buddies

By Sue Hurst
breathing buddies (stuffed animals)

This shimmery pink guppy is one of a selection of stuffed animals I used with my class of two and three-year-old children whose parents were studying English as a Second Language. That statement should tip you off to the fact that not only was I working with children whose language skills were newly forming, but…

How do I increase my own Social and Emotional Intelligence?

By Sue Hurst
certified social and emotional intelligence coach

There are several things you can do, if you want to increase your own SEI. The list below is laid out with the strategies that have been proven most effective first. You can take an SEI assessment and commit to working a program with a certified Social and Emotional intelligence coach on the areas needing…

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