EQ Research and Wellbeing

If you read the previous blog on the correlation between health and skills in emotional intelligence, then you’ll probably not be surprised by the information below. It’s based on research on positive emotions by Dr. Barbara Fredrickson. Positive emotions are the results of being skilled in and operating in emotionally intelligent behaviors.

  • The positive emotions of people expressing high levels of EQ bring lower blood pressure, less pain, fewer colds, better sleep, and lower disease risk. People with these skills and emotions are less likely to have hypertension, diabetes, or a stroke.
  • People who express higher levels of the key EQ skill optimism and other positive emotions live longer. Up to ten years longer.
  • Additionally, people skilled in living and expressing positive emotions are more likely to produce success in life regardless of whether success is “measured as a satisfying marriage, a larger salary, or better health, positivity mattered.” (Fredrickson, 2009)

Fredrickson, B., (2009). Positivity: Top-notch research reveals the upward spiral that will
change your life.
New York, NY: Crown Publishing.

There are some incredible benefits to being trained in emotional intelligence—for you and the children in your life. We’re just a month into the new year but some have already abandoned the resolutions they really wanted to achieve. The positive effects of EQ skills are well-documented, but so is the research on the increased power to change and grow when working with a coach. While training increases productivity 22%, coaching with training has been found to increase productivity 88% to 400%. (International Personnel Management Association, 2001)

I want the amazing effects of EQ behavior skills.