Congratulations! In downloading your free Deliberate Presence Mood-Meter, you’ve taken a first step toward building the social and emotional intelligence skills research has shown is key in positively impacting relationships, health, and well-being.

The Deliberate Presence Mood-Meter has been designed to be used with both children and adults. The emojis allow children to pick a feeling by looking at the emoji expressions while the detailed list of emotions will appeal to those who are more emotionally literate.

The red and yellow squares contain emotions that are the most energetic; the blue and green squares are lower in energy. Next, the red and blue squares contain emotions are the least pleasant with the feelings in the yellow and green squares being the most enjoyable.

The Mood-Meter is one of the first steps to begin training a person or child to be aware of their feelings and to be able to name them. Keep the chart in a conveniently handy place such as on the refrigerator at home or in a prominent place in a classroom where it can be easily used throughout the day. Using it for all emotions, not just when there seems to be an issue keeps it neutral rather than associated with negative times.

While self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence, it’s just the beginning. Without the emotional intelligence skills to successfully navigate rage or confusion or embarrassment, etc., poor decisions or behavior can still be the result impacting every area of our lives. Research indicates children with high SEI have better attitudes about self, others, and school with fewer issues with conduct and aggressive behavior. They score higher on achievement tests and have less emotional distress. (

Are you a parent or teacher? Or maybe you’re on staff at a school or church.

Deliberate Presence specializes in training parents, teachers, school, and church staff
members to help children build skills in social and emotional intelligence.