Emotional Intelligence guest post

This Guest Post is by interior designer, Sherri Smith, from the Sunshine Coast of Australia. She specializes in sustainable, healthy, and beautiful design practices. She uses the EQ skills of awareness, empathy, and communication to work as a team with her clients. Sherri shows how being aware of our design selections can positively impact and reduce our emotional stress while creating a peaceful sanctuary.

How to Create a Tranquil Living Space for the Modern Era.

EQ & tranquil living

Do you ever find yourself wishing for simpler times, a place to relax and escape the daily grind and stresses?

Often said “a home is a man’s castle”…. today we are going to look at some key elements to create your castle! A place you can relax and unwind and feel a sense of tranquility.

The Theory Behind Colour

 In the Interior Design world we like to look at the living space in your home as a whole, then break it down to elements of detail.

Colour theory is a fascinating aspect to interior design. Have you ever noticed your immediate reaction to a bright red wall, or a room decorated with an array of bright contrasting colours? While this decorating style may be fantastic in a learning environment for children, it is not going to successfully offer a place of relaxation.

Likewise, if you were to walk into a light filled room with soft neutral walls, a spacious setting with comfortable furnishings with natural fibre cushions and throws in subtle shades of blues, indoor plants and sheer curtains, you are going to instantly be transported to a place of serenity.

Stress management with color

*Blue – the all time favourite go to colour for decorating. Keeping to muted, lighter shades of blue will give you a sense of calm and relaxation, while darker shades will evoke feelings of peace and stability.

*Pink – think dusty pinks, soft pastel pinks. While they are usually associated as a feminine colour, pinks give a warm, nurturing effect that calms the senses and can be successfully used in living spaces for all.

*Violet – pastel shades like soft lavender brings a sense of grounding and is beautifully teamed with fresh whites and pale greens for a comforting colour palette.

*Green – the choice of colour to connect us with nature. Shades of green evoke serenity.

*Grey – subtle warm greys are key here, a non threatening colour that suits males and females of all ages. Be sure to team grey up with some pops of soft accent colour to ensure warmth and personality in the living space.

*Whites – come in an array of shades from cool white to warm white, to neutrals that will throw a very subtle colour ranging from yellows, blues, greens and browns. Whites enhance living spaces with feelings of light, fresh and clean open spaces. Whites work wonders in small spaces to make the area feel larger. White ceilings help eliminate the closed in feeling that low ceilings can give.

The Finishing Touches

EQ stress management with interior design

After determining the tranquil colours you are drawn to, you will need to consider furniture placement and the scale in the room. Clutter and excessive items can give a feeling of the room closing in on you and will add to the sense of stress and discomfort .

Adding indoor plants improves the air quality and will help connect you to nature, as will beautiful natural light and fresh breezes through your windows. Soft fabric window furnishings will enhance the tranquil ambience. 

Next time you walk in to a new room or the interior decorating section of your department store, take note as to how you feel? Look around you and notice the details in that space that either add to your feelings of calm, or feelings of being unsettled.

This will be a good place to start with discovering your unique colour therapy preferences. 

Happy decorating and ….. “may the peace be with you”

Sherri Smith, Interior Design            Sherri Smith, Interiors

Sherri Smith is an Interior Designer specialising in Sustainable, Healthy and Beautiful living spaces, with a mission to assist people by carefully selecting what is brought into the home to positively enhance the living environment and respect the planet. Sherri is keenly aware that we are blessed to live in this magnificent world and believes we must become good stewards of the earth.

“God has given us this amazing planet and out of gratitude, we must do what we can to nurture the planet back from man’s destructive ways. Looking at what we purchase and bring into the home not only helps to create a healthier home for allergy sufferers and health conscious people, but it also assists in our efforts to help the environment. A win/win situation!”

Sherri’s website is: sherrismithinteriors.com.au

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