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In this Everyday EQ Guest Post, DISC trainer Toni Harris Taylor notes that both Emotional Intelligence and DISC begin from a foundation of awareness. While Toni uses the DISC assessment to help her clients understand personalities, my EQ assessments help my clients increase skills and behaviors. You need both. 

I’ve worked with Toni—I know first-hand how her strength in the EQ skill of building bonds gives her the ability to powerfully influence and coach her clients.     


Can’t We All Get Along?

Working Better Together the DiSC Way


By Toni Harris Taylor, Drastic Results Training Solutions

Have you ever worked in an environment, served on a team or even in your family where you thought, can’t we all get along? Why do we have personality conflicts and challenges that can be avoided? A big part of EQ and DiSC is creating awareness. Once people are aware of their behavior then they can make changes and adjust. With DiSC it comes down to awareness of three things:

1)      Understanding who you are and how you tick.  EQ is behavior; DISC is personality

2)      Understanding who others are and how they tick.

3)      Understanding how you can use your common ground to work better together.

The DISC Model

We can use the DiSC model to create more awareness of who you are, who others are and how we can use this awareness to get along at home and at work.

First, let’s introduce DiSC. DiSC has been around for almost 100 years and is the theory that humans fit into four quadrants; Dominant, Influencer, Steadiness and Conscientious. While many of us fall into all four quadrants, we all have prevailing personality traits that we naturally operate in. Your specific DiSC behavior is determined by a computerized assessment that determines which quadrant your personality fits. Once you are aware of who you are, then you can learn to understand the other three personality styles and how to relate to them. With this awareness of other’s style, you can adjust your expectations of who they are and how they behave. You can treat people how they prefer to be treated rather than how you prefer to be treated.


On the DiSC scale, I am a very high influencer personality style which means I’m all about relationships and team. I tend to gloss over details and make quick decisions. I am the president of a women’s organization where the secretary is a high conscientious personality. We are polar opposites. There are times where she let’s me know that I missed details or an important step in the process. Normally, this type of personality would rub me the wrong way but because I am more aware of who I am and who she is, it helps us to establish common ground and instead of seeing her as an adversary, I see her as a complement.

With DiSC you can see the other person’s personality style and how that style complements your shortcomings rather than seeing them as contrary to you. This awareness  works with subordinates, teammates, children or spouse to improve relationships and using EQ and DiSC creates an awareness that allows teams and families to all get along!

Toni’s Bio

Toni Harris Taylor is the Chief Training Officer at Drastic Results Training Solutions. She is also certified in Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team. Toni enjoys creating training experiences that not only creates drastic results in the workplace but also in life. Visit www.DrasticResultsTraining.com to determine how to bring engaging, interactive and transformative training to your organization.

You can contact her at: info@drasticresultstraining.com or 281.783.4021