certified social and emotional intelligence coach

There are several things you can do, if you want to increase your own SEI. The list below is laid out with the strategies that have been proven most effective first.

  • You can take an SEI assessment and commit to working a program with a certified Social and Emotional intelligence coach on the areas needing to be strengthened. This strategy is actually the most effective return on your investment of time, money, and effort. In 2001, the International Personnel Management Association noted that training increases productivity by 22%. However, when coaching is added the productivity increases 88-400%.
  • You could work with a Social and Emotional Intelligence coach to take the assessment and receive a debrief on your report. Then, if you’re disciplined, you can use the tips, suggestions, and resources from the 40-page report generated by the assessment, to build your skills in SEI. In any case, taking an assessment gives you a baseline. It can then be used for comparison if you take a second assessment after you’ve worked for several months to a year on incorporating the new skills into your life. This would help you see the return on the investment you’ve made of time, study, and effort to grow in social and emotional behavioral skills.
  • You can pursue a self-study program. There are an amazing number of books on Social and Emotional Intelligence. On the day I wrote this a quick search on Amazon for the words “emotional intelligence” listed 5,920 results.