Green Bananas & Taking Initiative

When you look at the photo, what do you see? This is not a trick question. These are just green bananas…really, really green bananas. They were actually even greener than the photo reflects.

At the time I took the picture, we’d had them for about 3.5 weeks. We thought they would ripen. They didn’t. 3.5 weeks! What was that about?

By the label, you can see they were a national brand. And organic—so no toxins! High quality bananas, pure with great potential—however, they didn’t ripen, they didn’t mature. I kept them for weeks as they grew harder and harder till I finally threw them away—still a dull green.

But they could have been a blessing to someone. Bananas are low in calories (about 90 calories—less than a slice of bread) and full of fiber. They’re nutritious—high in vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals that destroy healthy cells and can increase risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart damage.

Bananas also have B vitamins which not only work to break down carbs but give a feeling of well-being. People who are deficient in B vitamins are less likely to laugh; if they’re really low in B’s they’re usually depressed.

Something about those bananas prevented them from reaching their destiny. When the entire bunch failed to ripen they missed the opportunity to be nutritious, to be enjoyed.

As I began to think about life in those terms, I wondered: Did I know any green bananas? Was I a green banana? What about my friends; are any of them green bananas?

If the bananas were people, I’d say these bananas were low in the EQ competency of Initiative & Bias for Action. This competency means having the readiness to act on opportunities. Because they never matured, these bananas missed the opportunity to be a sweet and nourishing food.

This past year has been hard for me, hard for so many people. There have been hurricanes and a 1,000-year flood, raging fires, loss of possessions, and loss of life. But there were opportunities as well. Some I enjoyed; some I missed because like green bananas, I just wasn’t ready.

The new year will bring many golden opportunities. Truly, there are new possibilities every day. We don’t have to wait for a new year and we don’t have to be like green bananas. We just need to be ready; to take the initiative to act on favorable circumstances.

Are you ready? Will you be positioned to pursue the advantages presented this year? Will you be able to model and teach the children in your life how to be ready? Clicking the button below will lead you to a page where you can schedule a free strategy session.

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