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Work with Me


Church Staff and Children’s Ministry Workers

Ministry—the word summons a wealth and variety of dreams and reality. You went into ministry because you wanted to spread the Good News, to make a huge impact for the Lord. You wanted to change lives, to change the world!

However, reality may be disappointing. Even though you work hard, probably long hours, you may not be seeing the return you expected of your investment of time and effort. Are you spending more time than you want addressing behavior problems and relationship issues? Or maybe it’s poor financial decisions and ill health?

If you’ve heard of the incredible positive impact social and emotional intelligence training can have on people, you may not have thought it was something that was scripturally based. But EQ is a set of behaviors and skills that can be seen in Jesus in reading through the gospels. Research has shown people with high EQ have more satisfying personal and work relationships; they earn more—about 30% over their lifetime, and they’re healthier—living about 10 years longer.

Deliberate Presence offers a scripturally-based curriculum called, “Becoming Like Jesus,” to build social and emotional intelligence skills and behaviors. This information can be given as a ministry staff workshop, in 8-week classes, or with sessions for individuals. For more ways to deliberately and methodically develop the behavioral skills of social and emotional intelligence, click below to schedule a free session.

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Couples Coaching

Have you tried marriage counseling and been disappointed by the results? You may have had a wonderful therapist; you and your spouse may have sincerely tried. Instead of making progress, were you frustrated or discouraged?  

Sometimes, you just need a new approach.

Faith-based coaching for couples has a different perspective. Perhaps you’ve heard of the incredible positive impact social and emotional training can have on people. Research has shown individuals with high EQ have more satisfying relationships—both personal and work-related. Studies have also shown people strong in emotional intelligence earn more (about 30% more over their lifetime) and they’re healthier—living about 10 years longer.  

Terrific benefits…but how does EQ training help couples?

By using assessments to uncover and focus on strengths, couples are able to set up individual goals that complement and support their relationship. As new habits are formed, stress reduces.

If you're tired of playing the “he said, she said” game and trying to figure out who's doing what wrong, you might find EQ coaching for Christian couples a refreshing change with a positive impact.

For more information on couples coaching, schedule a free strategy session.


Personal Growth with Emotional Intelligence

Individuals & Personal Growth

"Training increases productivity 22%; when paired with coaching, it increases productivity 88% to 400%." International Personnel Management Assoc., 2001.

  • Can you effectively manage fear, worry, stress, & anger as you work toward your goals?
  • Are you confident about your ability to work with others, both in harmony & when issues need to be confronted?
  • Does your lack of situational awareness hold you back at work?
  • Are you able to pinpoint the skills you need to grow to the next level?

Whether you're an engineer or a stay-at-home-Dad, if you've been disappointed in the results you've had with trying to achieve transformation on your how, consider the quote above. Training built on research-based assessments combined with individual coaching in EQ can increase your productivity from 88% to 400%. It can help you reach your goals in life and in work.

For more information on how to start this process, schedule a free strategy session.


Parents and Family

If your heart is like mine, you have a deep desire to see the children in your life grow and fulfill as much of their potential as possible. Actually, you want that for yourself as well. In fact, again, if you’re like me, you may have a growth mindset resulting in a wholehearted pursuit of personal development. Did you focus on one thing and then another, as books or classes appealed to you but not necessarily because they fit in with your grand plan? You know, the plan you created to deliberately and systematically acquire the characteristics and attributes you need to become the person you want to be. (No deliberate and systematic plan? Hmmm.)

If you didn’t create a plan of growth for yourself, it’s likely you’ve also neglected to create a plan for the children in your life. Rarely does someone sit down and list all the personal characteristics they desire for a child and then create a curriculum with activities which will help that child to grow and develop those skills. (Didn’t do that either? Most of us haven’t.)

But we know what we don’t want.

  • We don’t want our children to fall into behaviors that lead to addictions of any kind.
  • We don’t want them to be victims of abuse or predators.

We want good things for our children.

  • We want them to be strong in emotional intelligence, EQ, because it can help equip them with skills such as self-awareness, behavioral self-control, stress management, and situational awareness.
  • We want them to be able to navigate their emotions—not suppress them.

Research has shown EQ skills benefit children as young as preschoolers. These skills significantly improve academic performance and are strongly linked to students staying in school, avoiding risky behaviors, while improving health, happiness, and life success.

Deliberate Presence offers training in deliberately creating a specific plan tailored to build the behaviors you most desire in your children. Click below to set up a free strategy session.


Self-Awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence (EQ)

Download a Free Mood Meter! Using the Deliberate Presence Free Printable Mood Meter can be a first step in building EQ.